For over 3 decades, I have had the privilege in facilitating skill set development in both organizations & individuals.

I have a proven track record as a specialist in turning around sales & management for marketplaces, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.

Being competitively driven early in my career, I have helped numerous companies exceed their sales goals.

With my Masters Degree in international business, I originally planned to pursue a career in business overseas. While working as a sales leader in my twenties, I quickly discovered that my potential comes from my vision for business strategy and my ability to lead people to execute. As I rose to senior leadership roles, I gained tremendous fulfillment in utilizing my personality/insights in mentoring employees and developing leaders. As the VP of Sales for one of the largest national marketplaces of a multi-billion dollar organization, I was tasked with making underperforming sales teams successful. During this time, I cultivated a unique talent for analyzing sales structures & cultures & developed processes to make our teams more successful.

As a result, I have succeeded in building effective sales teams predicated on focus & accurate sales forecasting. I have a keen sense for identifying, securing, & developing talent, as well as industry-wide recognition for senior executive development. My distinction is creating strategic visions for marketplaces grow & providing a clear/attainable plan of execution.

Today, I continue to leverage my experience in helping companies by coaching & mentoring CEOs & business executives. I have served as a corporate sales trainer for sales regions and serve as a teacher & business coach for a number of Fortune 500 companies. My specialty has always been to take underperforming sales teams & improve their sales productivity and taking established successful sales teams and individuals to their next level of potential & competencies.